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What is a Wind Tunnel Dyno?


A wind tunnel dyno is really a very simple concept.  When you are driving your car down the street you have a lot of airflow in front of your car.  If you are driving 65MPH down the street you are probaby going to have around 65MPH of airspeed flowing over your car and into your cars intakes.  When you have your car on our wind tunnel dyno you will experience the same thing.  


On our dyno the speed of the air in front of the car will match the speed that the car is going on the dyno.  If your car is going 30MPH on the dyno, that is what the air speed in front of the car will be.  If you car is going 130MPH on the dyno than the airspeed in the dyno room will increase to 130MPH to match the cars speed on the dyno.


Most dynos have a large fan that they put in from if the car.  Imagine driving down the street at 65MPH and putting your hand out the window, you know what that feels like. Now, as you increase speed more than that you can easily feel the change to your hand and arm that is out the window.  The next time you go to your local dyno, put your hand in front of that fan that they are using, what does it feel like?  It probably feels like nothing.



Why should I use a wind tunnel dyno?


The answer to this is quite simple.  It is very important to test and tune your car within the same parameters that your car will experience everyday as you drive it.  If you do a tune on the chassis dyno, your car has been tuned for what the tuner saw when it was on the dyno.  Once you take your car off the dyno and drive it on the street, the tune is not ideal because it wasnt tested that way. 


We noticed how important the airspeed was when we started testing cars with the wind tunnel in operation.  Before we had the wind tunnel installed we were still using our dyno to do testing.  We use a Mustang dyno.   What we found interesting was how much different the cars dyno charts look atfter the addition of the windtunnel.  All of a sudden the horsepower and torque firgures are higher.  We didnt make a change on the dyno, we just changed the environment.   What is happening now is that the cars are making a lot more horsepower in our environment.


Before the windtunnel, we would see intake air temperatures rising as the speed of the car increased on the dyno and this is epected and is the norm.  Now the intake air temperature drops as the car increases its speed on the dyno because the air is flowing so much faster in front of the car.  This is the same thing that you would experience on the street and on the racetrack.



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