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  • Mercedes Metris Truck Project


      STAGE 3 BUDGET OFF-ROAD PACKAGE HIGH HORSEPOWER ON A BUDGET 667 HORSEPOWER ON 91 OCTANE INSTALLED FOR $9895.00             Making horsepower on a 2014-2019 Porsche 911 Turbo is pretty easy for us.  It's not that it is easy to do but after you have...

        We have built a lot of Porsche 991 vehicles over the last 4 years and we have a great combination of parts that work really well in these cars.  Whether you are looking to increase the power or the handling, we have the right combination of parts that...
  • HRE P204 Wheels on Porsche Panamera

      We fitted a new set of HRE P204 wheels to this 2017 Porsche Panamera.  The new Porsche Panamera has new larger brake calipers than the old Panamera which makes wheel fitment more difficult.  All of the Flow Form wheels that were made to fit the Panamera will not fit...
  • Porsche Titanium Lug Bolts

      On the water-cooled cars Porsches use lug bolts instead of lug nuts for the wheels.  The bolts are a lot heavier than the nuts ever were.   Porsche knows how important that rotating unsprung weight is because at the end of the air-cooled era, Porsche was utilizing aluminum lug...
  • PORSCHE 991.1 and 991.2 CAT BYPASS PIPES

        When you race your car at the track you should replace your stock catalytic converters with a set of out bypass pipes.  Our bypass pipes are designed with the racer in mind.  They bolt on very easily and they are a very low cost upgrade that offers a...

    We are now carrying Akrapovic performance exhaust systems. It took some time for us to make the decision on whether or not to carry these exhaust systems but after installing a few of them for customers the decision to sell them became easy.   Our first Akrapovic exhaust install was...

    Many people that do performance work on a car rely on a dyno to tune the car or test the car in order to find out its horsepower.  Todays modern European performance cars require a special dyno in order get an accurate reading.  We used to have to travel pretty...

    We have had a 2017 Porsche 991.2 Turbo S for quite some time now.  Our plan was to heavily modify this car and find the cars limits.  We went at it right away.  We=started this project with one goal in mind, make a lot of horsepower.  We planned on making...
  • KOOKS now making European exhaust components

    Kooks has been making exhaust systems for American cars for over 50 years.  In those 50 years they have built an amazing company that has a great reputation.  They manufacture all of their parts in the United States.  They also have the latest equipment which allows them to provide their...

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