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Famous for its aggressive wheel fitments that literally changes the personality of the vehicle, ADV.1 has invested heavily in the engineering infrastructure required to support the modification of performance and luxury vehicles costing from fifty thousand to more than a million dollars. ADV.1 offers a huge variety of forged wheel sizes, styles, configurations and finishes.


Please call for pricing and availability (855) 582-5018.


ADV.1 Wheels are available in several different styles and each of those styles is available in several different configurations.  At World Motorsports it is our goal to provide you with the ADV.1 wheel that provides the style and appearance that you are looking for on your car.  Each ADV.1 wheel is available in configurations priced from $5995.00 to $14,000.00 for a set of four.   Since all ADV.1 wheels are made to order we build the wheels to 4 different levels of aggressiveness.

Stock Fitment- Same as the factory wheel where it fits neatly under the wheel well and there is no chance of the wheel rubbing or making contact with any part of the car.


Stage 1- A more aggressive fitment that pushes the wheel further out to the fender and when the car is lowered the wheel still cleanly tucks under the fender and you can use a large tire.


Stage 2- A much more aggressive fitment that usually requires you to set the camber more negatively (but still within factory spec) and you may have to use a one size undersized or stretched tire but the tire will still be solidly mounted to the bead and will not look out of place at all.


Stage 4- A very aggressive wheel that will require fender rolling, an undersized tire and a negative camber setting that is outside the factory alignment specification.




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